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    Press Release: GCSE Results 2017


Students and staff at the GEMS Cambridge International School, Abu Dhabi are celebrating further success following the release of the GCSE results. This is the first set of GCSE results for the school that has only been open for four years.

The GCSE grades achieved by students were outstanding especially when compared to challenging targets and student start points for the all-inclusive school. All students at Cambridge International take CAT4 tests on entry which provide a range of indicators of future attainment and there has always been a significant and positive correlation (which is supported by statistical data) between a students scores and his or her performance in national tests and examinations. CAT4 results demonstrate what can be achieved because the test is established as a good predictor of subsequent attainment.

Students at the GEMS Cambridge International School achieved beyond expected potential with 26% of all entries being graded at A* or A, and 50% of all entries being graded at A*, A or B. In biology and chemistry students averaged a grade A, whilst in physics and English Literature students averaged a grade B. Deekshant Aneja, Muhammad Hasan, Muhammad Asif, Mohammad Haashir Butt, Saroj Ali, Anosha Qureshi, Omar Mazin Abusin and Roshan Chacko achieved A*/A grades in all curriculum subjects.

Mr. Kelvin Hornsby, CEO and Principal at the GEMS Cambridge International School stated: The sustained level of student progress required to achieve such outstanding results comes from a relentless commitment from staff to help and support students not only achieve their potential but go beyond it. The staff, students and parents at the Cambridge International School are a formidable team that work exceptionally well together. There is a sense of loyalty and respect that makes Cambridge a very exciting and productive place to study and learn.