Theo Govender

Head of Year 10

Theo Govender first joined GEMS Cambridge International School – Abu Dhabi in 2019 and was appointed Head of Year 7. Since then he has been serving the school community in this role of Head of Year with three different year groups.


Theo has had most of his experience in teaching and management in South Africa. He worked as a level one teacher, a Head of Department and the Vice Principal in a secondary school back home. He has been passionate about education for the last 25 years, and was greatly involved in serving the communities with his involvement with old age homes, children’s homes and underprivileged youth. Theo wants to continue to impact young lives and works really hard to get them to believe in themselves.


Theo holds a Diploma in Education and an Advanced Certificate in Mathematics Education for the Further Education and Training level. Having majored in Mathematics, Theo is an expert in his field and works tirelessly to get learners to enjoy the subject as much as he does. Theo takes great pride in his working relationships, built on compassion, respect, integrity and understanding. Theo is an educator who is passionate about what he does and has built up lovely relationships with all components of the school community. He leads by example and fosters the spirit of respect and tolerance.