Parent and Student Testimonial

Primary Parents

FS2 Parents

We were happy with our year at GEMS Cambridge and the wonderful support. Thank you.

Brilliant School. Amazing Staff.

Year 1 Parents

Loved the school and the teachers. Very supportive and cooperative.

Highly satisfied with the school.

Year 2 Parents

We had a great time from FS2 to Year 2 in GEMS Cambridge International School . We appreciate the efforts by teachers and staff even during pandemic.

Year 3 Parents

We are extremely pleased with the education, facilities and environment within the school. My son’s feedback about his teachers and peers are fantastic.

Everything is perfect so far after 4 years in this school but unfortunately we have to leave the country.

Primary Parents

Year 4 Parents

Thank you for your dedication and high efforts spent.

Thanks for a wonderful year at GEMS Cambridge.

GEMS Cambridge was a great experience for my child.

Year 5 Parent

We really happy with GEMS Cambridge International School.

Year 6 Parents

Our experience with the school was excellent.

We were happy with the school in all matters and also happy to recommend to our friends and families.


Secondary Parents

Year 7 Parents

Thanks for your efforts and dedicated team.

I love your school, you've been amazing.

GEMS Cambridge International School was a really fantastic experience for my child.

Year 8 Parents

My kids love GEMS CIA.

Hi, thanks for the kind support and wonderful time. 

Year 9 Parents

It was very good school.

We liked everything about this school and that includes teachers, staff and leadership.” 

It was a great experience for my child to have such a high quality of education at GEMS Cambridge International. For me as a parent I was highly satisfied with the care, teaching and learning, curriculum, and the progression of my child’s personal development during her educational journey at CIA.” 

Year 10 Parent

This is an excellent school.

Secondary Parents 

Year 11 Learner and Parents

It was great being part of CIA. I felt extremely welcomed by all staff and peers. The teachers had been immensely helpful.

Thank you for providing the best education to our children. 

Year 12 Parent

Great experience for my daughter.

Year 13 Parent

During last 7 years, I saw my son improving in his studies, interpersonal skills and sports. School has provided every opportunity to him to excel and grow. I am thankful to all teachers and staff for their continuous support and attention.

Thank you for providing a safe and exceptional environment for my child to graduate from.

GEMS Cluster Feedback 

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you personally for the incredibly inspiring and powerful session you delivered to Arabic Leaders today. It was wonderful to see such high levels of engagement from the leaders of the Wellington Cluster and the National School. You demonstrated the power of HPL and the huge impact it can have on teachers, but most importantly students. You clearly live and breathe the ethos of a true lifelong learner driven by your own impeccably high standards.”


Students Testimonials

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